Auto Body Shop Fire Suppression

Fire protection, fire prevention and fire suppression needs for the automotive industry consist of diverse fire risks. Materials, liquids and equipment used at auto body repair shops, car dealerships, detailing and paint shops, auto mechanic shops, wrecking facilities and junk yards are at a minimum hazardous

Fire extinguisher –dry-wet Fire extinguishers

Are extremely important as they are the most commonly used for of fire protection. In many cases they are a first line of defense and often contain or extinguish a fire, preventing costly damage. These often overlooked devices can be a key component towards keeping you safe during a fire emergency situation. The fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user, or otherwise requires the expertise of a fire brigade. Typically, a fire extinguisher consists of a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel containing an agent which can be discharged to extinguish a fire. Fire extinguishers manufactured with non-cylindrical pressure vessels also exist but are less common. The theory behind portable fire extinguisher is that the fire can be extinguished by removing any one or more of these four elements. For each class of fire, the fuel, heat source and chain reaction varies, which is why there must be different types of fire extinguishers depending on the class of fire. For instance, while a class A fire can be safely extinguished with water, a class C fire cannot, as water would conduct the electricity and risk harm to the operator.

Exhaust ventilation system

If you have a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you will need to have a reliable restaurant hood system in place. We can help you install a new system or service your existing one.Working with a wide range of manufacturers to meet all of your kitchen appliance and hood fire suppression needs. So many times what will happen is a tenant will purchase a space and it will have a hood that does not meet code. When this type of situation occurs we will go in and get all of the information to bring the system up to code – and that includes drawings and permitting. Master Fire Mechanical is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the codes that pertain to commercial kitchen hoods. mentioned. M&k fire safety has done work in hotels, bars, night clubs, restaurants, colleges, daycares, hospitals, multi-unit dwellings, as well as plenty of government work. What is the most important part of your commercial cooking operation? Is it your cooking equipment? What about your fire suppression system? Perhaps it is your exhaust ventilation system? The truth is they are all critical systems. It is interesting to note that your food will taste better if your exhaust ductwork is solid. Your operational costs will also decrease. Exhaust ductwork by food zone areas must not be made of toxic elements. They may not contain lead solder, copper or copper-nickel metals. For this reason, you need an exhaust ventilation systems specialist with decades of experience. We maintain all the appropriate licenses and are bonded. You will also save on your commercial mechanical ductwork costs as there is no middle man. We design and build to your specs. Next we will deliver and install your custom commercial exhaust ductwork.

Make up air –exhaust fan

Fans, Exhaust, Ventilation, Duct, Make-Up Air, all of these are terms the New York City Restaurant Owner or Commercial Kitchen Operator needs to be familiar with. Whether you’re operating a pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY, or a 3 star fine dining establishment on West 57th Street in Manhattan, commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation systems are critical to the safe, and successful operation of your business. And not just any make up air system will do. Manhattan restaurant owners are demanding cost efficient ways for protecting their bottom lines as much Why are commercial exhaust and make-up-air fans such a necessary component of your restaurant’s ventilation system? The answer is simple in it’s most basic terms. Because when you cook, you have to get the dirty, smelly, potentially ignitable, greasy air out, and bring fresh clean air in. You don’t want food going out of your kitchen that stinks do you? Commercial exhaust fans vent air from your kitchen to outside of the restaurant, through a duct, usually to the roof via a duct (which we can custom fabricate). Depending on the requirements of your kitchen and layout, make up air fans can be mounted either on the wall, or situated on top of the roof. They are available in either upblast or downblast varieties. Trust the experts at Master Fire Prevention to insure that your make up fan is sized appropriately for your specific kitchen, in order that air is being properly filtered and exhausted. Call and ask for our sizing guide, or better yet, ask for a free inspection of your commercial cooking establishment.

Inspections and Mechanical Maintenance

We offers mechanical preventive maintenance agreements (PMAs) and fire protection system and equipment inspection services. Mechanical PMA programs can help ensure your systems are operating efficiently and can help to reduce costly emergency repairs or replacements. Fire protection system and equipment inspections can help to maintain code-compliance and to identify deficiencies. Our inspection system provides timely, detailed deficiency repair proposals.