Why Should You Have Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Hood Cleaned?

Cooking produces a number of effluents including grease, moisture, and smoke. With the exhaust fan on, each of these components is drawn up through the kitchen hood, through the filters, and in to the ductwork building up over time. Once the buildup is sufficient, it becomes a fire hazard—which can only be prevented through routine cleaning. Here is a common sequence of events leading to a kitchen exhaust fire, which has not been cleaned:
A high flame either flares up or is created on the stove top.
The flame comes in contact with the filters located in the kitchen hood and they are ignited.
With the exhaust fan on drawing in air, the flames are also drawn upward in to the ductwork.
If sufficient grease residue exists within the ducts, it can act as a source of fuel, carrying the fire further in to the exhaust system causing significant damage, and placing the structure and its occupants at risk.

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